What To Do If Your Cat Shows Feline Leukemia Symptoms

You want to know about feline leukemia symptoms? Fever, vomiting, diarrhea, anemia, breathing problems, weight loss, reproductive failure … The signs are variable, and the disease is very serious. So: have your cat checked by a vet if these symptoms persist!

Feline leukemia is one of the major feline diseases.

A virus causes cancer in the white blood cells and eventually elsewhere in the body. Common are cancer in the intestines and kidneys.

Although often mistaken as being the same virus, the leukemia virus is different from the feline immunodeficiency virus that causes cat AIDS.

It is estimated that 1 or 2 percent of all cats get leukemia.

7012621-photography-cat-lookBE AWARE THAT THIS DISEASE IS CONTAGIOUS.
It is spread through saliva, feces, urine and sometimes also milk. The virus doesn’t survive for long outside the body, but still you should be aware of the dangers if you have a multi-cat household.

If you have two cats and one is ill, give the healthy cat a separate litter box – or even better, an automatic litter box. Also, keep your ill cat isolated.
However, not all infected felines get ill. But:

There are no drugs or vaccine to fight this virus. Some medicines may produce a remission of feline leukemia symptoms, but this is only temporary.

Since treatment is not possible, euthanasia is often the only solution.110717-sabrina-059-1

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